Web Shots Desktop - This is the BEST Wallpaper Manager there is! Comes with a FREE photo sampler!
Marvin the Martian - Marvin shoots everything and wanders around your screen (375k)
The Titanic - Actual Footage from the movie. High Quality, Excellent Graphics (2.6 megs)
TAZ! The Speedy little devil clears your screen as only he can (958k)
Sausage Softwares Hot Dog SS - I got this one Direct from Sausage Software - Cute little Silver Hot Dogs all over your screen (w/sounds) (707k)
Phsycodellic's Forever! - This one is just as the name implies. WILD colors and actions (519k)
3D Slideshow - This is a nice one. Has several images and does some real nice effects (2.5 megs)
Independance Day 4 - This one is ok I guess.. nothing spectacular. Shows an alien ship coming from overhead and freaking out the wildlife (w/sounds) (1.21 megs)
Jack Daniels - Have a drink anyone? (w/sounds) (1.0 megs)
Waterfalls - This is a shareware SS, but it has some real nice Waterfall shots in it (1.27 megs)
Ghouls - This is a cute one for Halloween (1.4 megs)
Vampires - Another Halloween SS that's pretty nice (848k)
Alluring Sunsets - (3.3 megs)
Amazing Mountainscapes - (4.4 megs)
Amazing Oceans - (5 megs)
Amazing Waterscapes - (5.2 megs)
Angels SS - (611k)
Aquarium SS - (358k)
Beatiful Western SS - (2.3 megs)
The Infamous Budweiser Frogs SS - (839k)
Dolphins SS - (1.3 megs)
Fish Tank SS - (777k)
Maui Magic SS - (2.6 megs)
Willy Wonka - (2.9 megs)
Water SS - (511k)
Disney Holidays SS - (2.7 megs) Excellent Disney Screen Saver for Christmas
Razzle Dazzle Plus SS - (1 meg) If you like Phsycodellics, this is the Screen saver for you (note: this screen saver does not run automatically and requires some knowledge of computers to work in XP. It will only run if you run the RAZDAZ.EXE file manually or by adding a short cut to it on your desktop after you run through the installation)
Star Trek Holodeck SS - (323k)
Another CUTE TAZ SS - (511k)
Jack-o-Lantern SS - (511k)